Being blessed

looking beyond yourself


It takes losing something to realize how blessed and lucky we truly are.

It shouldn’t be that way.

We all take advantage of the time we get in this world with those we love until that day: the day someone gets killed in a crash, falls and becomes paralyzed, or some other tragedy takes place. God sends us a scare- we panic, realize what we have, make every moment count, but then time goes on and the scare fades in our minds and hearts and it later becomes a passing event.

I remember in my year abroad I was in a three car crash, our car was the middle car. Thankfully we all survived but every day after that crash I remember facing the day differently. I tried to make everything matter and everything count because I didn’t know when the next thing could happen. Now, why don’t we just live life realizing what we have? Why don’t we realize how much our significant other tries to make us smile? or tries to do something right for us and we take it the wrong way?

We get so caught up in the moment, in how I currently feel, in what is bothering me, it’s all about ourselves until we finally look beyond what our eyes can see and realize there is a whole world out there.  Only then can we recognize how much he/she does for me.  Only then do we realize “wow, am I so grateful to have someone so caring, special, unique, in my life.”

I like to wake up every morning and thank God for at least three things I am blessed for. It starts my day on such a positive note, it makes me look for things in my life that keep me happy, especially the people I have around me.

Look around every once in a while, see the world in someone else’s shoes, smile at a stranger, do something sweet for your spouse; it will not only make them happier but it will also make you feel blessed.

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