Long distance

being positive about missing your other half


I must say it is a challenge.

When you tell people you are in a long distance relationship you see their face frown a bit and they say: “oh I’m sorry, long distance sucks.” Then you take a deep breathe and you respond, almost as if you need to defend yourself, your relationship.

I started off saying it is a challenge —  but what exactly is?

To me it is the times I have to go to a wedding, party, work event by myself because my better half is so far away.  To me it is hard because sometimes I just want to give him a hug and smell his smell or I just want to cook him something and see him smile.  It is hard to express yourself when you are so far apart but it sure as hell improves your communication skills.

That is one thing that comes out of long distance that I don’t think other relationships have (if you have the type of long distance relationship that I’m talking about).  I have learned to express myself in so many different ways over texting, emojis, emails, you name it and it all really does improve face-to-face communication.

There is also a certain excitement and anticipation when a trip to see each other is planned, something that you wouldn’t get if they lived just a short car drive away.

But I won’t deny that there are many tough times, however, we do not let them overpower us. We choose to focus on the fun FaceTime calls. The emoji conversations. The sweet emails to wake up to.  It is all a matter of perspective.

I remember how sad and lonely I was when he left town, it was almost as if there was nothing worth doing until he came back.  But life must go on so when I finally was able to take myself out of the longing and missing phase and into the let’s be in the moment phase- my missing him was much stronger and more positive, and something that gave us energy not dragged us into fights.

Many people express their views on long distance relationships how it won’t last or other negative thoughts. I believe that it really depends on the people in the relationship: how committed are they? How will they direct their love energy?

It takes a lot of creativity to keep long distance fun and full of emotions but all those letters, packages, thoughts, sweet good morning emails really do give you a push to put one foot in front of the other and focus on just enjoying your time together, even if it is miles apart.

Your Editor

4 thoughts on “Long distance”

  1. I must say, I feel the same way when my better half leaves town. Empowering words when you mention needing to move on with the day even without the loved one.


  2. Great blog! It is definitely relatable and truthful. A long distance relationship really only works if you have good communication, and like you said, it does depend on the people in the LDR because it really isn’t for everyone. But yea, I got similar remarks when I told people that I was going into a long distance relationship, but a year and a half later my relationship is the healthiest that it can be and even arguably more healthy than most of my friends’.


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