Smiling :)

take a minute and smile


That moment when you find yourself smiling and then you realize you’re thinking of him/her and then you smile even more.

I find myself doing that a lot.  Random things bring back memories, dates, funny moments that just make me feel all warm inside, matter of fact I’m smiling just writing this:).

We all get consumed in busy days, work, school, family, activities, and sometimes we don’t realize we have been holding in our breath as life zooms before our eyes. If only we’d stop and take a breath of fresh air would we realize what is in front of us and maybe give it a little smile. We are all so busy on social media, taking pictures to show others, that we fail to capture memories in our minds, to make memories for us and not to show others.

When I find myself smiling at something, I know he did something right. When I tell him that I was smiling, he smiles too, now what could be better?

It doesn’t matter if you’re the CEO of a multi-billion company or just a mother raising kids (not to give it any less credit), everyone needs a moment to just take a deep breath and think about something that will make you smile.  If you’re not one that usually does, one day you’ll pass by something on your way and it will trigger a memory in your mind and even if for just a brief second, you will find yourself smiling, and then the day will continue but you’ll feel different; you’ll feel lighter on your toes, a bit chirpier, maybe even give that brief moment some more thought.

There is no reason why not. It will make you happier, you’ll appreciate that person you shared that memory with, maybe even call them to tell them “remember when…”

And that is just one small step you can take to bring some happiness into your relationship and your life.

I’d highly suggest it.

Your Editor



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