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There’s this tradition my partner and I have, it’s called Date Night. No matter where we are in the world, by 12 o’clock AM we are both in bed.  He could be in his and I could be in mine and we could be in two different states, but we’re still in bed, at the same time, almost as if we were together.

Call it childish but when living so far from each other you have to do things that will make you feel connected, even if it is closing your eyes and listening to him how he describes holding you in bed and playing with your hair.

I heard something interesting today about couples who sleep in separate bedrooms; how the sex is better for some, the relationship is stronger for others, and one went as far as saying how they live in separate houses. My first thought: what is the point of being married then?

I get it some people snore, some people like it cold, some people like it hot, some people get up early, some people make noise in the morning, but isn’t marriage about compromising? In fact, isn’t every relationship built on compromises, selflessness, desire to make the other person happy? So she doesn’t like the mattress you sleep on, well then go and buy another mattress and find a way to make it fit in your room!

There is something about coming home at the end of a long day and getting into bed with someone you love and someone that will comfort you.

Sleeping in separate rooms makes going to bed angry at each other so much easier. It’s like you can just walk away from the argument and slam your door and then hear them slam theirs and then that’s it.  Then people have to overcome their pride to open their door and walk to their spouse’s door and try and have a conversation (and now a days, most people are too proud to make the first move, which causes a lot more problems). However, if you’re sleeping in the same bed, well let’s just say after a few moments of cooling down one generally does not want to stay upset at their spouse and so one may move closer to their spouse in bed and after a few minutes of physical interaction they will probably end up talking out their feelings and apologizing. Look at that! The situation was resolved and you both can sleep peacefully in the comfort of each other’s arms.

How dreadful would it be if you both went to bed angry, in separate rooms, one of you left before the other got up, went to work, probably had a bad day because you haven’t cleared things up with your spouse, only to come home to no “I’m sorry for what happened,” or anything that would give you any sort of desire to resolve whatever you fought over, which you probably forgot about by now, and then to have to do something for your spouse.  You would probably blow up before it came to that.

Now, just imagine how all of that could have been so much less than what it was if you just gotten into bed together.

I just can’t understand it, why on earth would you want to sleep in a different bedroom?

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2 thoughts on “Bedtime”

  1. My girlfriend and I practice date night too. In fact, we always end the night with a ritual few comments such as ‘wake me if you need me,’ and other small but special things. It ensures the night ends on the right foot (or better yet, I should say, were laying on the right body) and means we don’t sleep angrily. Huge fan of the blog.


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