There is just us

even if it feels less compared to others, in reality you have so much more


Society today has become a place where everyone has instant access to what other people are doing.  It has become a place where on average, people spend 4.7 hours a day on their smartphones. They are on it when they finally come home at the end of the day and use it to relax.  My father always gets annoyed when my mother is playing candy crush or going through instagram when she has nothing to do. Didn’t there used to be a thing where people actually talk to each other, or sit down for dinner together, or read a book? I get that the world is progressing and technology is taking over, but we still need to give it a balance.

The real issue I’d like to point out is that because everyone is posting, tweeting, snapping, instagramming about their life other people feel the need to do so as well.  It is like everyone is seeking for attention and needs to show off their latest new designer clothing or the large diamond their fiance got them.  Even if it is not something big and expensive, they could just be showing what presents they got, or their food at some low-key restaurant: the point is your life isn’t just yours anymore.  It becomes a life of how many followers I have, how many likes did that picture get, how many friends do I have.

The worst is the people that are jealous. Think about it like this: person A posts a picture of breakfast in bed that their spouse/partner made for them, person B sees the post and their immediate thought is: mine never does that for me.  Later that day person B’s spouse/partner comes home and person B tries to create a whole scenario to see if their spouse/partner would make them breakfast in bed and when they don’t the argument is just waiting to happen.  Person B will find something to get upset about when really they are just upset because they didn’t get what person A has. See what it does? and you thought all you were doing was taking a pretty picture.

No one is wrong and no one is right.  The people that are jealous and have no confidence need to gain it, the people that need justification for everything in their life need to actually get a life, and those that actually have something special in their life should for once just keep it to themselves.

So the world has not just become a world where technology controls us but a place filled with comparison.  Even if you don’t realize it, the post you stopped to look at about how your friend made such a good dinner, when you’re cooking dinner next trust me somehow it will find a way to make you feel a little smaller in your eyes.

I’d take it a step further and say this: people are creating moments within their relationships not for the sake of the moment but for the sake of showing off, and that is just sad. Is it not bad enough to compare yourself to everyone that you have now only done something beautiful for your spouse/partner to not even care for their reaction but to just be able to snap it?

I am content in my own little world. I am genuinely happy for you if you have the ability to travel the world and wear the most expensive clothing.  What you have gotten or given is for you, I get and give my own things.  To have what you have would require me to be you: the bad and the good.

So next time you see something that makes you go “oh, I wish he would just do that for me,” remember she may have that but she doesn’t have what you have.

Your Editor

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