I must say that

I noticed you


I absolutely would do anything for him yet I somehow end up flopping up something, somewhere, and the beauty is he still appreciates my effort.

Now, I am not saying to sell yourself short but it is comforting to know that no matter what or how nuts you’re acting he’s got your back.  It takes true love to be nice to someone when they are acting like a complete and total bitch. In a not so serious tone tho: girls have it hard, men: try having your period just for one month and see how sane you are after that. For real, you guys are lucky.

Woman can get stressful-don’t get me wrong, but we sort of just need to be reminded about how crazy we are acting.  The best and worst feeling is realizing how bad you have been treating him but then finally being in control of your emotions to tell yourself be nice. Us girls have an excuse every time we aren’t being ourselves but most of the time we don’t even realize to blame it on that and we find ourselves bickering over stupid things.

A man’s only excuse is: his girlfriend/wife is driving him nuts. Now, how does that sound?

You know yours is a keeper when he’ll tell you: “I’m not going to get upset at what you just said because I know you’re getting your period.” Not only does he know you so well, but he knows not to put himself first and to just be there for his girl.

Ladies that does not mean to be nasty because you know you can get away with it, mind you when he’s not taking any offense to it, there is no satisfaction anyway.

To be honest, I’ve been acting like a complete and total selfish bitch lately and he’s taken it so well.  I have finally had a sit down conversation with him and apologized, though he wasn’t really mad.  Men need recognition.  They need to know that their hard work isn’t going unseen.  So what if you said yesterday, the fact that he did it means something to him, and guess what ladies: IT SHOULD TO YOU TOO! There is no reason why you can’t just say that you recognize their effort, the way they put the dishes away- even if it was all in the wrong spot, who cares. At least he did something.

I heard a story once about how this lady had a huge meal at her house with a ton of guest and after the meal when the guest all left her husband saw how hard she worked, told her to go take a shower and he’ll clean up.  When she came out of the shower she walked into the kitchen to find that her husband had washed all the greasy pots and dishes with cold water and no soap. Now, she had a choice of how to react: show her disappointment or not.  She chose to smile, thanked her husband, and told him she would finish up and he should go shower. The minute he left the kitchen she rushed as fast as she can to clean all those dishes over again with hot water and soap. A few days later she casually mentioned to her husband how in this house she likes to wash the dishes in hot water and soap.  Mind you, he washes dishes every night now.  Imagine if she would have yelled “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE??!” or something that would have totally offended all his hard work, I can tell you this: he probably would not be washing those dishes anymore.  Just like when you return the jewelry he bought, the present he got you, don’t expect something that easily anymore because you’ve given them no recognition but a negative one.

Say a kind word.  Even if you’re bleeding buckets and you just want to throw a table at him.  He tried.  What do you want, he’s a guy.

Your Editor

2 thoughts on “I must say that”

  1. Life and happiness are pretty much about forgiveness…. ourselves first, then everyone else. And then gratitude. For whatever level of blessings the universe hands us. Even ignorance about dishwashing.


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