I just had a feeling that you were trustworthy


Trust. That word is a heavy word. It is filled with so many meanings and applications that it can mean something different to everyone that uses it. However, it is so crucial in every relationship.

There are big scenarios where trust comes in and there are small ones. What I really want to talk about here is how you come to trust someone.

There are people in your life that you trust from the minute you are born, like your family. Then there are people who you may trust from a young age but overtime you grow to not, like your family. And then there are people who life brings your way and you build a friendship with them and along comes the trust area, whether overtime or not. But there are also people who manipulate you into trusting them, and you do, but they are bad, that is for another post.

You trust your family because they are your family. Some people have crazy families though, and as they mature they realize what and who can and cannot be trusted. Trust on the lowest level and the highest level. There is just so much trust brings to your relationships and then there is so much that trust can do to your relationships. The questions, the doubts the concerns, and the sense of knowing that all is okay.

There are people who ask you to trust them and there are people who their actions show you that you can trust them.  As the famous saying goes: actions speak louder than words. When it comes to trust it applies just as much. You cannot expect someone to trust you when you act in ways that show otherwise.  You cannot expect someone to trust you when they catch you lying, cheating, stealing, and even if not directed at them, such actions cause people to lose faith in you.

You trust people who care about you but you also trust people who have potential to care about you. Milliseconds after meeting someone we come up with thoughts on that person and our potential relationship with them.  You may not even realize it but right after you introduced yourself your mind has concluded if you like this person or not and if they can be trusted or not. We seize up others with our eyes and our mind puts everything together. The people we think we like based off our immediate assumption either overtime disappoint us or prove our feelings correct.

During my year abroad I remember summing up a person so quick that before I even realized it I had made up my mind that she was going to be my best friend.  I did everything to follow through with that.  A couple of months later I got hit in the face real hard when I found out she wasn’t trustworthy at all.  All it takes is one big situation to have a complete 360 on your initial feelings.

My suggestion: don’t let your brain try to tell you who is trustworthy, time will tell.

Your Editor


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