Just leave me alone

say what you mean


I say it often but you have to be my better half to know when I actually mean it.

Girls tend to have this attitude about them where they will say something they don’t really mean. They will repeat over and over, get angry, frustrated, and not admit what they really want in hopes that you, as the gentleman, will actually do what they are demanding you do not do.

Guys, on the other hand, are more straightforward, they say leave me alone and they actually mean it.

It is funny when you see other girls do this because you know inside you what she’s really trying to get at.

I used to be like this but then I realized these guys are not actually going to do it if you tell them not to. So I became as straightforward as them. At first a couple of guys looked twice because you don’t usually find a girl who acts like a guy. Now, it is more like, do you actually mean that? It is like the females are such a stereotype (which I can understand) that it would be easier not to actually admit what you want and do what girls do so that you can actually get what you want. I know, twisted.

It helps to be in a relationship where the guy knows you (even more helpful when he knows you better than yourself) because this way when you say something, whether you’re acting like a girl and not really meaning what you’re saying or if you actually mean it, he will know and act accordingly.

You know what I dislike though? Because we are girls and we do this whole drama show to get what we want when we specifically say we don’t want it, we also do this thing where we won’t admit to something bothering us. Even if it has nothing to do with an argument, fight, or conversation. The fact that he could have woken up this morning and didn’t make you a coffee before he left to work, even though he had no reason in the world to because you didn’t say or imply anything, but just because you had a thought that you never expressed to him and then he didn’t do it could cause you to be annoyed at him is absolutely absurd. Then when he comes home later that day and you’re harping on something and he’s racking his brain for misunderstandings or something he did to cause you to be like this and he can’t come up with anything and you’re just repeatedly saying “it’s nothing, it’s nothing,” but it obviously must be something if it has you so annoyed. Why on earth can’t you just break out of this girl trend and just express it. Say what you hoped he had done but didn’t because not saying it will only cause it to happen again. Men want their girls happy, so if they know something bothers them or they want something good men, will do it. But the key word here is: know. They aren’t mind readers.

Quit playing the game girls are known for so that maybe for once men will actually take us seriously when we say something the first time.

Your Editor

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