Let’s all just take a moment and be positive

all it takes is one minute and you can be snapped back into your happy self


My friend sent me this picture and said it was perfect for my life right now and I responded no it’s not 😰. She asked me what happened and all I can think of responding back is: what didn’t happen.

I apparently need to ask permission before I leave the house. What have I become? 12 yrs old? Like, seriously?!

After a much-needed rest I am now able to face the day. Sometimes there are just too many things happening all at the same time and it can make you want to blow up, and that is when you must change your perspective, maybe not the second after the situation but maybe a little after that.

To be honest with you I am not generally the type that naturally is in a bad mood. There are usually three or four reasons of why I am upset/angry/frustrated/annoyed/snappy/yelling/sad:

  • I am on my period or getting it or just finished it (so roughly a few days before and a few days after my cycle)
  • I am hungry (yes I am one of those “hangry” people)
  • I am tired
  • Someone at home pissed me off

Reading that list makes me sound like a baby and I don’t mean an immature person, I mean an actual baby, the ones that cry when they poop, are hungry, tired, or someone bothered them.

We all know what put as in a certain unpleasant mood, it is getting out of it that is usually the problem. Some people, like me, are to lazy to actually mentally make themself just go do whatever it is they need to do to snap them out of their bitchy mood, like go get something to eat. It may take someone around you to send you to bed or order ice cream but it shouldn’t have to. Don’t get me wrong, it is really sweet to get a knock on your door and see your spouse/partner has ordered you your favorite food or anything to make you happy (they probably just did it to make you shut up though, they were getting tired of hearing you whine and bitch). With all that said, I can tell you that it will take practice but putting yourself out of your own misery is sometimes better than waiting for someone else to do it for you.

So, yes I was over-tired, and yes I was yelling but I at least went to sleep because I knew that was what was going to make me feel better. Now, what did you do?

Your Editor


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